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The rain will come, the wind will blow but if your marriage is built on the firm foundation of Jesus Christ then you will always make it through.  (Matthew 7:24-27)

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Hi! we're Nathan & Jennelle.

We want to help married couples choose unity, not division.


In 2008, after only a few years married, we sold Jennelle's wedding ring and we were headed for divorce. The rain came, the wind blew and we discovered our house was built on shifting sand. This year we will celebrate 20 years of marriage. What changed?

We surrendered our marriage to Christ and began a journey of discovering God's original design for marriage. It was hard, it was messy, but it was totally worth it!

Along the way Jennelle discovered her life's passion: helping married couples build their house on The Rock! 

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Jennelle’s course was completely transformational for my marriage. I found her message through Instagram and decided to take a leap and sign up for her online course. It was the best decision! She was completely genuine with sharing her marriage story and all her marriage victories. Her story and her tools taught me practical ways to walk out my marriage everyday. This course is worth the commitment!


Florencia & Alex

Sherry & Joe
Jennelle's marriage building class taught me to use the differences in our love languages to grow and talk to each other with love and kindness. It helped us work together, communicate and strengthen any weak areas. Also to get out of my comfort zone by pray everyday to our Creator, Counselor Matchmaker, Sustainer (God) so that I can to do things that please my husband which in turn builds intimacy in our relationship and respect in my marriage. 
Jennelle's marriage building class taught me to use the differences in our love languages to grow, talk to each other with love,  kindness and work together, communicate and strengthen any weak areas. Working with Jennelle helped me to come out of my comfort zone, pray everyday to God so that I was able to do things that please my husband which in turn builds intimacy in our relationship and respect in my marriage. 

Sherry & Joe

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COMING SOON....Affair Recovery


The number one thing that rocks the foundation of security in a relationship is infidelity.  Research shows that 50% of all marriages will experience infidelity on some level over the course of the relationship. Affair Recovery is designed to begin the process of healing a relationship mentally, emotionally and physically after it has experienced infidelity and give you practical steps to move forward stronger than every before.

COMING SOON....Marriage Reset


This course is for married couples who want to strengthen their commitment, improve their communication and connect intensely with their spouse, but feel disconnected, overwhelmed and unsure where to start.

COMING SOON....Start Marriage Right


This premarital course features biblical principles that will enrich your marital relationship and safeguard you and your family from the pitfalls of divorce. From communication, problem solving, parenthood, finances and sexuality this course has been designed to be a valuable resource for all couples before tying the knot.


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